Conscious brotherhood to open our hearts,

sharpen our minds and strenghten our bodies.

Men's Group and gatherings are an opportunity for men to serve and learn from their brothers and peers in order to develop and refine a greater alignment with who they are at core.


We sit together and share about the mythopoetic symbols of Masculinity, breathe to circulate our energy, feel into the light and dark sides of our psyche and habit patterns, and reflect each other genuinely to help us artfully express this polarity with the most freedom and beauty. We serve each other to contribute the world with our gifts.


We explore deeply rooted conditionings, address and learn practices to transmute the unhealthy parts that society and patriarchy have nourished in us, and address constructive and artistic ways to still express the full spectrum of being.

By sharing in a circle, speaking, connecting, witnessing, and receiving thoughtful feedback, we become better able to feel and connect with a friend, a partner and the world around us. By cultivating the ability to observe someone we develop the tools to speak with clear perception in an uplifting way.

Cutting the bullshit & being vulnerable yet worthy in front of other men is tremendously empowering!

We learn to communicate with constructive criticism to help each other grow and adjust to greater authenticity to our heart & mind balance, breath by breath.

Our body and posture speaks. It reflects how clearly we can manifest in the world what we feel, think and believe in.

Embodiment and physical practices provide a way to express and liberate what's alive in us.

Yogic Art and Tantric Arts teach how we can refine how our body and quality of presence affects our environment and how clearly it transmits what we care about and intend to say, share and be.

Sessions are implemented with accountability partnership and homework assignments to cultivate clarity and integrity in our daily life.

This is an invitation for all men who are dedicated to personal healing, conscious evolution and spiritual awakening through the insights and support of an dedicated group of men.

a new group will start in 2021, contact Maxime for more information.