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"Rêve" is a guitar relaxation album with looping and restorative improvisation.
It was composed to support deep rest, either at night time, during a nap, or to accopany some bodywork, gentle Yoga, Pilates or Qi Gong practice...
Take a moment to just listen, sitting or laying and i trust you will experience some sense of stillness and beauty to inspire your life...
"Life Is Good" is a handpan duet album with my dear friend Peter Levitov (Handpan 360) featuring some of our favorite compositions and improvisations from when we practiced together in 2013. Also featuring guitar, didgeridoo and cello, it still holds to this day some of my favorite handpan duet grooves and melodies. The album includes both gentle relaxing tracks and groovy tunes, enjoy it!
a word of appreciation

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Gratitude and a word of deep appreciation for fans support:
Nowadays buying a music album from an artist website is obviously not really because you want to have access to the music.
It is more a gesture of generous support for sustainability of independent artists.
Let's face it, if you want this music for free, you have it: it's on Youtube,  Spotify, Apple Music (...) and as you must know royalties from these companies are very cheap ("Yogitunes" does quite a better job at honoring artists btw...). Simulaneously these platforms are very helpful to share and spread the music to a larger audience, so this is not a lament, rather an observation...
So far this doesn't cover much of my bills nor my
practice/composing/refining/recording times and costs...
That's why your supportive purchase directly on my website is very welcome as it is
helping the future creations come to you...
thank you for reading and listening, and extra gratitude if you can contribute,
PS: also be sure to download the exclusive free track "Golden Gift" i offer when you register to my newsletter (fill the form at the bottom of the page), and EnJoy it!
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