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Thank you for being here.



My mentors and teachers have inspired me so much over the years and it is with gratitude and honour

that i continue to study and offer this work of transmission of timeless universal wisdoms,

blending my gifts in a gentle yet radical approach to support a conscious art of living.

Individual sessions & packages are tailored to your specific needs.

The work i offer is holistic: through practical tools i will guide you to explore the necessary

aspects of your life for you to realize how you will manifest your most precious intentions.

This might include restoring your nervous system balance,

improving your sense of trust and power,

establishing a daily routine that is healthy and productive for you,

improving your skills for connection and intimacy... 

Contact me to 
book a free connection call and find out together if and how I can best serve you.


"Maxime’s coaching helped me develop my presence, my skills, and to flourish in my decisions. I appreciated his ability to create a safe container for deep introspection

and transformation to occur. He always offered me helpful practices

and references exactly when I needed them.

My initial goals were largely exceeded!"

—  Quentin S


The main tools that I use in my coaching practice come from studies and training that I have done in:

  • Coaching for individuals and couples (Christopher Sunyata, Eli Buren, Christine Hassler, David Deida, John Wineland, Ritch Litvin);

  • Somatic Therapies (Bio-dynamic breathwork and trauma release system “BBTRS”, Giten Tonkov, Prema Mc Keever, Nysarga Dobosz, Chetana Barkan, Kerry Dowson, Somato-Respiratory Integration);

  • Meditation (Pema Chödron, Vipassana SN Goenka, Daniel Ingram, Will Johnson);

  • Voice opening (Bobby McFerrin, musical & shamanic teachings);

  • Conscious movement Yoga & Qi Gong (Eli Buren, Paul Grilley, Paul Lam, Shi Heng Yi, Mantak Chia, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Danielle Hoogenboom, Philippe Beer-Gabel);

  • Sound relaxation & yoga nidra (Alexandre Tannous, Richard Miller, Philippe Beer-Gabel);

  • Massage (David Lutt, Cécile Hérault - Lulyani school of Thaï Massage);

  • Shamanic training in Peruvian Amazon (Maestro Gato Chavez, Maestra Ynes Sanchez);

  • Tantra (David Deida, Christopher Sunyata, Christopher Wallis).


Everything vibrates.

Our voice is a powerful and healing tool and

I love to help people reveal its unique magic.
I invite you to dive into

the inner sensation of sound,

Your sound.
Discover how to liberate

through vibration,explore, inform and

express who you are at heart.

boule de cristal


in-person and online

Yoga is about Union.
An Art of Living

reveals and honors the connection

between the Body, the Heart,

the Mind and the Spirit.

Using the breath as our guide

we become more aware 
of the

body sensations and how they inform us.


With this awareness we can practice to adjust

our physical and mental positions consciously

and evolve wisely.



i offer my clients pertinent questions and practical tools to stimulate their creativity

and serve personal insights.

These are key elements to trigger the

inspiration to manifest their dreams and

share their gifts with the world.

You are responsible for your choices

and your success,
and I can offer you relevant reflections

to assist your creative process.

Contact me to Book a free connection call,

find out if you resonate with my coaching

approach and how we can best work together

on your current projects and challenges.



Join a circle of men as we connect in the

intention to grow together and to serve each other.

We speak, breathe, drum, move, meditate, wrestle, study sexual yoga to better understand polarity and improve our connection with our intimate partners…

we practice to consciously meet our edge, develop our capacity to adapt, and maintain

an open heart and mind in the midst of

life changes and challenges.

All men I know could greatly use that support.



Sacred Intimacy refers to how Yogic and Tantric practices apply to your intimate relationship.

This work is designed to support individuals and couples toward a deeper and more meaningful connection. A loving devotion to each other's fulfillment.

Practices combine Breathwork, Sexual Yoga, Sacred Theater and Open Communication to enrich your relationship. 



for you to listen and enjoy

when you want to relax, contemplate, dance

do a conscious movement practice,

walk in nature, work in the garden...


"IMpulse" is an exciting collaborative

project with my wife Iris Le Royer-Jesse.

We offer workshops and private lessons

to discover ourselves and our creativity,

exploring the powerful elements of

Rhythm and Sound in a playful way.

TaKeTiNa® Rhythm method,

Sound Journeys and Rhythm

Meditations helps us feel, allow and

express what moves us in the moment.

Image by Hasan Almasi


Slowing down to listen.

Tuning in to the space that connects everything.

Awakening what is dormant.

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