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cultivating conscious partnership & sacred intimacy

Sacred Intimacy refers to how Yogic and Tantric practices apply to your intimate relationship. This work is designed to support individuals and couples toward a deeper and more meaningful connection. 

The approach is contemporary and inspired by traditions of Yogic, Tantric , Buddhist and Taoist traditions. I studied what is referred to as "sexual yoga" with David Deida, Christopher Sunyata, John Wineland, and Taoist sexual practices as taught by Mantak Chia.

Sessions include breathwork and energy circulation practices, communication exercises, teachings study to better understand and approach sexual polarity, sexual yoga techniques and homework / assignments to explore in your own intimacy deeper pleasure and enhanced connection with your partner.

Part of the purpose of this work is to contact and activate the internal energy channel called "Kundalini", to learn how to circulate it within you and with your partner in order to illuminate your life with creativity and the power of love and sexual energy...

With dedicated practice you can learn to give and receive Presence and Energy from a disposition of abundance, worship and devotion to your partner.


This work will nurture the most ecstatic relationship you deserve.

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