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dedicated support toward wholeness & artful living

In my coaching practice I offer pertinent questions and pragmatic tools to stimulate your creativity and generate personal insights. My approach is a combination of genuine support, benevolence and radical feedback. 
I believe these are key elements that help generate the inspiration and motivation to manifest your dreams and share your gifts with the world.


Receiving sincere and constructive feedback

- along with time tested tools to clarify your options and refine your decisions -

is a precious gift to help you keep your compass aligned with your heart

while you realize your deepest goals and dreams.


Life offers loads of unpredictable challenges.

You are and remain responsible for your choices and actions.

However, you do not have to do this alone.

I am available to offer you dedicated support to assist your creative process.

Contact me to book a free connection call and find out

how i can help you with your current projects and challenges.

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Gilles J. (Provence)
Online men's group 2022


"J'étais venu explorer et entendre ma colère et je n'ai pas été déçu. J’ai pris l'habitude et même le goût de pratiquer des exercices et une méditation quotidienne, une nouvelle ressource très apaisante pour moi. Lorsque je ne pratique pas, c'est quelque chose qui me manque…

J’ai bénéficié de la présence, du support et de l’écoute du groupe, et  pris conscience d'un travail à faire autour de mon énergie sexuelle et créative.

Pour tout cela, merci Maxime."

more about these sessions :

The individual support that I offer is composed of regular sessions in which we explore different approaches and possibilities towards the realization of a main goal or project you have.

Sessions are a spontaneous blend of conversation and practices, guided with a balance of benevolence and challenge, to help you reveal and activate your unexplored inner resources. The goal is to stimulate your creativity towards manifesting your dreams and your desires, and also in the face of the patterns, challenges or blockages that stand in your way.

Engaging in a conscious evolution process requires a holistic approach, which involves evaluating all areas of your life (personal, professional, relational and spiritual), and establishing a clear and honest relationship with and between each of these areas, in order to manifest balance and a coherent alignment with your intentions.

This process that requires patience, perseverance and confidence, and I will offer you tools to strengthen or develop these essential qualities.

The practices offered are selected and personalized according to the unique circumstances of your situation. They originate mainly from the traditions and philosophies that I have studied: yogic, tantric, Buddhist and shamanic, and can include among others:

  • breathing exercises ;

  • meditations ;

  • journaling and communication exercises ;

  • structure, organization & time management ;

  • physical & energetic practices (Yoga, Qi Gong...) ;

  • yoga of intimacy or "sexual yoga" ( NOTE : there is no nudity nor genital contact during the sessions. You will be guided through structure of various practices, to be explored afterwards in your own intimate space, solo or with your partner) ;

  • shadow work ;

  • sacred theater ; ...

Contact me to book a free connection call

and find out how i can support you

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