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Reconnecting with the power of expression

Everything vibrates in the Universe, and so do we!

The voice is our primary instrument.

These sessions are designed to help you re-connect with the power of vibrations and of your voice.

It is very common that we carry some degree of discomfort, emotional heaviness or deeper trauma in relation with our voice. Does this sound familiar? it might.

The good news is that there’s a way out of what ranges from "a slight discomfort" to "an embarrassing nightmare".

I’m convinced that anyone who desires to can learn to love their voice.

I mean to really enjoy it, have fun with it, and again… at will! Also go wild when needed or make the weirdest sounds, not only because it can be fun, but because it can liberate tensions in your body and support feeling good in your whole being !

A simple question to start is: Would you like to love voice and enjoy it?

If so we have this in common and I’d love to help you manifest this shift.


Asia L. (Portugal)

"Maxime's approach is gentle, firm, and raw; our work together has been healing and completely transformative. i have found my voice, the grounding power of my breath, deeply staying connected to my heart, and most importantly our work together inspires me to take responsibility and direct action in my life.  his words, his music, and his heart are helpful allies in helping me keep up and stay focused and grateful on my journey."

Want to know more ?

Sound vibrations touch us, literally. Have you ever noticed at a concert how a loud bass can resonate in your chest or belly? You can even try now, make a sound with your mouth closed, press and move your hand on your chest, your throat, your face… then make a higher or lower sound and see how different frequencies affect and resonate in different parts. It might be quite subtle, but I trust you can feel something, at least directly on the throat area while you speak. That’s a start!

Going further by applying Yogic principles to how we sound and use our voice, bringing awareness to our sensations, we can learn to move and liberate tensions in our bodies, allowing energy to concentrate or circulate in and around us to support optimal health.

How do we do that?

Through these Voice Opening individual sessions we will dive together into the many sensations of sound and silence.

You will learn to feel and understand four essential components of your voice that make up your sound. Then you will progressively explore breathing exercises, humming, toning, overtone singing techniques, also the safest ways to yell and feel the power of your voice, both to energize or release… In addition you will practice postures, motions and dynamic meditations to help liberate and access higher quantities of your energy.

I will provide you personalized guided recordings to support your daily practice and play with what you like.

I know from personal experience that working with our voice is quite an intimate process. I am a trauma informed practitioner trained in Biodynamic Breatwork and Trauma release system® (BBTRS), so if and when you might get stuck from blockages arising in your practice, we will take the necessary time to process and liberate such blockages so that you can feel comfortable enough to be where you’re at, and allow progress to unfold at your own pace.

Learn to love your voice and it will give you so much in return. (re)connect with this fantastic instrument that is all the time available and you will access powerful healing qualities, liberate your emotional expression in skillful ways, and have an unlimited resource of joy at your disposal!

My approach is not centered on singing technique and song interpretation. I have studied with a few vocal teachers, but particularly learned and benefited from unconventional and more spiritual approaches to sound and voice, through Yogic and Shamanic traditions. While we will work on some technical elements, we will more importantly focus on feeling and vibration.

Your sound,

and in resonance,

how you sing the song of your life…

Contact me to schedule a free 30min discovery session online or in person :

Crystal Ball
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